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Viceroys Promise of Cleanliness

Health & Safety Plan

Viceroy has always strived to create the best experience for our guests. Now, more than ever, we’re taking that to heart with Viceroy’s Promise of Cleanliness.

This is not a mere aspiration. It’s an action plan. For the wellbeing of our guests, colleagues and communities, our promise is to put our passion and energy into notably increasing the standards of cleanliness at our hotels.

To deliver on this promise every day, each hotel’s General Manager and Health & Hygiene Ambassador will lead a Safety Committee program responsible for training, implementation and compliance. In addition, we’re closely monitoring the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization’s recommendations regarding COVID-19, and will continue to follow their guidelines, as well as those from local health departments. In addition, all of the hotels have received the Forbes Travel Guide Sharecare Health Security Verification.

Viceroy’s Promise of Cleanliness Seal, visible throughout public guest areas and also in the heart of house (“backstage”), is our outward way of saying how much we care about your safety.

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Front Desk

High-touch surfaces and items such as pens will be disinfected frequently.


Hand sanitation stations will be available.

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Lobby & Other Public Areas

High-touch surfaces and items will be disinfected frequently, including but not limited to counters, door handles, restroom faucets, handrails and elevator buttons.


Hand sanitation stations will be available.

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Guest Rooms

All chemicals, cleaning products, PPE and equipment used must be hospital grade and proven to prevent the spread of contamination, and/or disinfect and kill viruses, bacteria and diseases.

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Restaurants & Bars

To-go food and beverage services will be available.


Digital menus and complimentary Wi-Fi will be offered for guests to view on their personal devices as an alternative to physical menus (which will also be available).


Physical menus and pens will be disinfected frequently.


Hand sanitation stations will be available. 

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Colleague & Vendor Personal Protective Equipment

All hotel colleagues* will be required to wear Viceroy-compliant PPE (i.e. face coverings and gloves) as part of their uniform while at the hotel and in the course of executing their duties. All hotel colleagues will receive increased comprehensive safety, health and hygiene training.


*Some hotels may be following local state or county guidelines that do not require colleagues to wear PPE. Please check with the hotel directly for the most updated information.

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Additional Information

Given the health and safety risks posed by COVID-19, we ask all guests to review their local authorities’ travel guidance and health advisories. For more information, refer to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the US State Department’s COVID-19 site, or your local health authority website.


As Federal and State restrictions are modified, at Viceroy we will continue to follow the guidance provided by Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to ensure the safety and well-being of associates and guests.